Since 2016, Romberger has run Ulises, a collectively run art bookstore and exhibition space based in Fishtown, Philadelphia, whose essayistic presentations constellate works of art, publications, and public programs around quarterly curatorial themes. Since 2018, our quarterly structure was put on hold to make room for "Publishing As Practice," a three-part publisher residency funded by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. Three experimental art publishers—Hardworking Goodlooking (April), Martine Syms (July-Sept), and Bidoun (Oct-Dec)—activate the storefront space of Ulises as exhibition and public programming hub, engaging the public through workshops, discussions, and projects.

The name Ulises is a tribute to the work and legacy of Ulises Carrión, a Mexican-born poet, conceptualist, and avant-garde artist who was an early pioneer and theorist of the artist’s book, and the founder of the Amsterdam based bookshop Other Books and So (1975–78).

Co-founders of Ulises include Nerissa Cooney, Lauren Downing, Gee Wesley, and Ricky Yanas.